Our role

Quality & Testing

In today’s disrupted world, our clients need to improve their productivity with cost-effective processes without lessening the quality of their products and services. That’s where the best Quality assurance and Testing teams kick in to help build a safer, better world.

What it’s all about
  • Testing products and services to meet clients’ quality requirements

  • Optimising and automating processes to help keep quality levels high

  • Operating on different stages of the product or system lifecycle, from validation to optimisation, including conformity

  • Planning, to help clients progress in the right way

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Why take a quality and testing role at Expleo?

Working within Expleo’s Quality & Testing teams is the best opportunity to work alongside world-class companies to help them design the best products and services, while keeping an outstanding quality level. Expleo operates on various levels, from product quality management to quality assurance and optimised product testing.

Types of Roles


Employee stories

Get a feel for what working at Expleo is like and meet our bright talents. Inspiring people we’re grateful to have on our teams!



Discipline Head in France


QA Manager in Technology in Ireland


QA Manager in the UK


QA Lead in Technology in The Netherlands


QA Lead in Ireland

Anne Mari

QA Test Manager in Norway