Our role


Contribute to the success of a trusted, bold company by joining Expleo’s corporate teams. Whether you’re in HR, marketing, or accounting, we’re always eager to welcome new talents to help us shine brighter!

What it’s all about
  • Developing Expleo’s outstanding brand image

  • Empowering our teams, to help them meet their business goals

  • Building the best work environment

About us

Why take a corporate role at Expleo?

By joining Expleo’s Corporate teams, you’ll be able to work along with talented people who don’t take themselves seriously, learn more about various industries and exciting projects that will shape tomorrow (nanosatellites, hydrogen trains, next-generation submarines to name a few), and help us grow together to achieve bolder goals!

Types of Roles
  • HR and Talent Acquisition

  • Financial Administration and Accounting

  • Marketing and Communication


Employee stories

Get a feel for what working at Expleo is like and meet our bright talents. Inspiring people we’re grateful to have on our teams!



Recruitment Administrator Apprentice in United Kingdom


CEO Iberia