Life at Expleo

Expleo isn’t just an employer, it provides the right environment to achieve one’s dreams. We work on serious projects with people who don’t take themselves seriously!


Growing together

Be Yourself

Award winners, mountain climbers, world-class sailors, musicians, and everything in between. We come from different countries
and backgrounds, and bring our own experiences and ideas every
single day. We cherish this diversity. That is the key to our success.

Build the career that suits you

There’s no such thing as one easily reproducible career path. Expleo helps you get the opportunities that will drive your career in the direction you want.

Employer branding 4 pillars

Autonomy & Support

You will be given the freedom to grow, with the right support to flourish.

At Expleo, you will be encouraged to take up new challenges and explore new opportunities. Whether working with clients or internally at Expleo, we will give you the platform to take the initiative.

But you will never be alone. An Expleo team is behind you whenever you need it, with the knowledge, expertise or friendly ear to achieve your best.

Performance & Responsibility

You will deliver work to be proud of – for its impact on the world and its quality.

At Expleo, we pursue excellence, in the quality of our work, in the services and solutions we provide our customers, with responsibility and accountability of our actions front of mind.  

We are conscious of our impact on the world around us and, in light of current environmental and social issues, it is part of our mission to create a sustainable future for us all.

Expertise and creativity

You will develop the expertise to let your boldest visions come to life.

Expleo is known for its technical expertise. With us, you’ll learn that “technical” can be really exciting.

At Expleo, we think and dream big. You will collaborate with clients to apply your skills to deliver creative and impactful solutions to real-world problems.

Local & International

The world will be your oyster, but you will also benefit from a strong local community.

Expleo is an international company. You will contribute to projects worldwide with the biggest names, learning from diverse colleagues and cultures.

You will have support close to home too – a network on your doorstep to share your challenges and successes with.

United by a boldness of spirit

At Expleo, people are the driving force of our business. Our five values define who we are, what we stand for, and how we behave. Together, they guide the decisions we make and every action we take. Each one helps us to achieve great things, individually and collectively.



We are bold thinkers and doers, always ready to take on new challenges. We think of ourselves as entrepreneurs, matching creativity with vigilance.


We are united by a shared ambition: change the game, together. Continuous performance is both an objective and a mindset.


Teamwork and emotional intelligence are what makes us stand out in a crowd. We stand shoulder to shoulder, with our clients and our peers, through good times and setbacks.


We are a hive of different profiles, and we place a high value on openness and transparency. We show respect, always.


We are reliable. We celebrate our successes, we take responsibility and learn from our failures. This is why we protect our “right to fail” as an opportunity to bounce back and progress.

Father and daughter in front of laptop

The best balance between work and fun

At Expleo, you will evolve in a stimulating environment, with an emphasis on three core elements:

  • achieving the perfect work/life balance
  • working on top-notch projects with world-class companies
  • gaining responsibilities faster

But it’s not all work. We also value personal growth and try to help our employees become their best selves by providing opportunities such as social and innovation clubs, volunteer days, etc.

Our aim? Giving you the chance to find satisfaction in your achievements so you can get to your best abilities.

Expleo supported me to learn new skills and build a career of my own, surrounded by inspiring and trustworthy people.


Work across the world

With offices in 30 countries, we have excellence centres around the world, so you can choose where you’d like to live your Expleo experience. We also have global mobility opportunities to help you plan where you’d like to shine next.

meet the team

Employee stories

Get a feel for what working at Expleo is like and meet our bright talents. Inspiring people we’re grateful to have on our teams!



Automation Business Pilot in Romania


Technical Engineer in Ireland


Developer in Ireland


Principle Business Consultant in Ireland


Discipline Head in France


Technical Engineer in Quality in the UK