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Junior Automotive Cybersecurity Engineer  


When did you join Expleo?

August 2023

How was your first day at Expleo?

Whilst the onboarding process took place remotely, I received a warm welcome from my team lead. I was provided with a detailed overview of the company and was introduced to the Cyber UK team.

What’s a typical day in the life of a Cyber Project Manager like?

At the start of the day, we have a team stand-up call to review project advancements and address any hindrances from the preceding day, prioritising work to ensure timely delivery of the product to the client. Engaging in client meetings for progress updates or modifications, alongside client’s supplier meetings to manage the optimal cybersecurity policies and measures are a regular practice. I meticulously maintain a prioritised list and daily/weekly agenda, ensuring the completion of all planned tasks by day’s end. Before concluding work, I compile a concise summary of the day’s achievements and note any remaining blockers, ready to be discussed in the subsequent day’s stand-up meeting. 

What about Expleo do you enjoy the most?

I appreciate the company’s work culture, as it enables me to maintain a healthy balance between my professional and personal life. Within this environment, I am fortunate to be a part of a fantastic team that not only offers support but also encourages everyone to contribute ideas and solutions. This collaborative approach ensures that we collectively arrive at well-thought-out decisions for the most optimal outcomes. 

What do you like most about your job?

With a master’s degree in cybersecurity engineering, I consistently find fulfilment in executing governance and compliance responsibilities. Being an avid auto enthusiast, this profession has provided me with opportunities to delve deeper into my interests, allowing me to derive immense satisfaction from my daily work and consistently deliver my best, free from any regrets. This allows me to fully indulge in both of my passions. 

How did Expleo help you grow your career?

Enabling me to concurrently pursue both of my dreams while offering the best and consistent support and ample opportunities for skill development are pivotal aspects here. I’ve received training from top-notch professionals and have enrolled in multiple courses to enhance my skills, facilitating personal and professional growth. It involves exposure to the global market and the maintenance of client relationships. 

Do you think Expleo is a great place to work and if so why?

The environment is conducive to collaborative work with ample opportunities for learning. Essential support, integral for growth in any professional setting, is readily available. I’ve gained extensive exposure and numerous opportunities here. The tagline, think bold and act reliable, captures the essence of the company’s culture, influencing decision-making processes.  Whilst Expleo employees 19,000 employees, the efforts you invest and any impact you make is acknowledged and commended. This sense of recognition reassures me that my hard work is genuinely appreciated. 

Can you summarise what the Expleo’ Employer Brand pillars mean to you?

  • Autonomy & Support
    I believe Expleo empowers its employees to think independently and make informed decisions, which are then backed by the collective support of the team.
  • Local & International 
    Being a large organisation with a global presence, Expleo enables us to collaborate across teams locally and internationally, ensuring the delivery of the best possible solutions. 
  • Expertise & Creativity
    Continuously learning and honing my skills to maximize expertise in delivering solutions with creativity. The platform is consistently receptive to innovative ideas, including my suggestions for the projects. 
  • Performance & Responsibility
    I tend to think outside the box, and my team consistently supports my work without doubting my capability to provide solutions and optimise performance. I take responsibility for the work I deliver on time, and as a result, my efforts have been acknowledged by the entire team. 

What advice would you give to other business analysts considering applying to Expleo?

To those contemplating joining Expleo, I encourage you to apply promptly and experience firsthand the satisfaction of the work. The unwavering support from the team fosters holistic growth. The interactions and mentorship from experienced individuals offers a continuous learning experience, ensuring you gain new insights and skills.  


Be Yourself

Providing an inclusive, accessible environment, where all employees feel valued and supported. We want you to be the best version of yourself and we will support you in building a workplace that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live, and an environment to reach your full potential.

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Robert Matthews

What is your name and your role and how long have you been working at Expleo?

This year I’m celebrating my 12th year at Expleo. I started my career at Expleo as a Quality Auditor contractor, and then was offered a Staff position in the Life Cycle Management team, where I became a Deputy Team Lead, after which there was another promotion opportunity to an Engineering Manager, and later I was able to join our Marine division where I currently work.

Where and how long did you serve in the armed forces?

I served in the Air Force just shy of 25 years. I started my career as an Aero Engines Mechanic. My first posting was at Brize Norton working on VC 10s, Tri Stars & Hercules Aircraft. Then I went on to a technician’s course and became a Junior Technician, and then progressed into a leadership position as a Sergeant. I left the Air Force as a Senior Non-commissioned Officer.  

Robert Mathews
Rob in 2022 post remembrance parade in his local village. Remembrance day is very important to serving and veterans of the forces as it gives a chance to honor those who have given the ultimate sacrifice in serving their country

What challenges did you have after leaving the Armed Forces?

My main challenge was worrying about Job Security. My manager was very supportive when I was still a contractor at Expleo and he transferred me over from contractor to permanent staff. I remember the conversation I had with him about the opportunities for secure job security and promotion.

And he said: “At Expleo, opportunities are out there for you, so go and get them”. And he was right, there are plenty of opportunities at Expleo. You just have to seize them. And every time I saw an opportunity at Expleo, I just went for it. 

I transferred a lot of my skills over to Expleo. For instance, the aircraft and engine experience, experience in fault diagnosis, and more in-depth engineering project management and of course my leadership & Management Skills 

How did Expleo help you to transition into your civilian job?

I found it quite an easy transition, as there were a lot of ex-forces colleagues within Expleo when I joined, some of which I knew already. For those that didn’t have a military background they were equally as welcoming.

How do you feel Expleo allows you to use your expertise you gained during your service?

Expleo gave me the freedom to use my transferable skills that I gained in the Air Force. My manager and colleagues had an open mindset for my ideas. I could bring those ideas into the office and illustrate how they could be implemented within a business setting They very much welcomed my ideas about improvements, and there is always an open environment for sharing ideas and previous knowledge. I also completed an Expleo Leadership Management course, which differed to the one I had in the Air Force. Combining the two gave me a much more rounded leadership and management mindset.

How do you connect with other members of the Armed Forces Community at Expleo?

I participate in careers transition workshops supporting recruiters. When Ex-Forces are looking for a new career, I attend the workshops chatting to the Armed Forces community sharing my experience and what I have learned.

What advice would you give to other members of the Armed Forces Community who are planning to join Expleo?

Expleo has many different opportunities, whether it be leadership management, various jobs in engineering, project management etc. Don’t think that you don’t have the skill set to join Expleo. It is within you; you do have those skills and Expleo can bring out these skills in people.

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